Quantum Self Workshop for Thunder Bay Ontario

This is a one day workshop taking place in Thunder Bay Ontario on August 19,2018.



We are much more than we think we are.  Our souls span multiple universes and exist beyond the bounds of time.  When we connect with these different selves across time, and dimensions we grow our sacred power.  We can make positive changes in our lives and world, and we gain the most loyal ally, ourselves.

In this workshop you'll learn

  • How to connect at the level of the soul.
  • How to sense multiple universes.
  • How to give and receive aid to yourself across time.
  • How the soul interacts across its various incarnations.
  • How to heal fractures in the self.



As a bonus there will be a crystal skull activation.  (Students ask to bring their own crystal skull if they wish an activation).  

You will need to bring your own notebook, writing implement, and an open curious mind.


Workshop will be held at: 1119 E. Victoria Ave

Suite 202

Thunder, Bay Ontario


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Price $77.00
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