Entropic Device

Entropy is the force that breaks things down to allow change and growth.  It also rules luck and probability.  The Entropic Device has nearly unlimited useful applications.  Dropping one onto a limiting belief system allows you to move easily into a more productive pattern.  The magical device can also help you deal with any system that is too tight or rigid or those times when the odds are stacked against you (in a casino for instance.) Please note: this energetic device can only be activated from the heart.  It cannot be used for malicious intent or to control others.  It creates change and the opportunity to shift into a more joyful open state.  

To use this device you must first drop into the awareness of the heart.  The easiest way is to move your hand from your face to rest right in front of the middle of your chest.  Open you hand and ask for the entropic device.  Choose the pattern you wish to see change and drop the device.  It's that simple.  Examples of some the things you could use it on would be: traffic patterns, eating habits, seating at a restaurant, date nights, amd more.  This device is limited by your own creativity in employing it.  The most common complaint is that people forget to use it.  

This service is delivered via a digital download. Listening to the audio file will take you through the attunement process.

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